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Personal Studying-Help Online

Menstar provides what I've termed 'Personal studying-help online'. I assist you through the means of internet communication. That is: 1) Emails - for general written messages and the transference of materials, 2) Internet 'telephone-style' calls (i.e. 'VoIP - voice over internet protocol); usually via WhatsApp or (audio) Skype, and 3) Video-Skype. The 'mix' of these vary to best suit each student and his/her preferences. Some people like video-Skyping, some don't, for example. If you would rather not Video-Skype, this is fine. If you prefer 'ordinary' telephone calls, we can do these additionally or instead. We will always communicate in a way that you are the most comfortable with. Your comfort, here, is exceedingly important.


I call our 'live' electronic interactions (audio and/or visual) with students 'surgeries' (it's a university-borrowed term). I aim to always be able to hold our scheduled surgeries. If the unforeseen happens for me, preventing this, the re-scheduled surgery will be free. I do not have a policy of sanctions for when students are unexpectedly unable to be 'at' a surgery. I just ask that you try to give me all the notice you can, of not being able to 'attend'.

Worry Not

Understandably, you may well be apprehensive about these type of communications ahead with a 'stranger'. I can only say please try your best not to be. I am a really nice guy, and am ever-aware of the sensitivities concerning the admittedly unusual nature of today's methods of (electronic) communication. I promise you, any apprehension WILL rapidly diminish, upon us 'getting started'. Very soon, the entire focus will be where we want it to be: on your studying and its enhancement.


The broad orientations of the 'counselling' that I employ to help students are twofold.

Client Centred Counselling/Therapy

This originated from a legendary American Psychologist, Carl Rogers. It is decades' old, but is just so...'exactly what is says on the can/tin'. That is, centred on you and your needs. Its three tenets, to guide how counsellors interact with clients, are timelessly precious: genuineness, unconditional positive regard, and empathy.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

You perhaps have heard of this. As named, it is currently one of the most used 'therapies' - given its research-confirmed effectiveness. Its principles have been around for a long time, and other, older, therapies are essentially the same. Its hallmarks are its practical nature, and the use of strategies to think differently and constructively.

There is light

The proverbial bare-feet walk on cool grass to relieve stress is not something we'll be doing together! Nevertheless, we WILL diminish any anxieties concerning or affecting your student work, including those, of course, over exams. With armament of practical and due personal support, your darkest days of studying-woes can be behind you. And ahead is the future - obtainable, perhaps, just for want of some help - awaiting successful completion of your studies.