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Welcome to Menstar - Online Tutoring & Counselling

Menstar is my online service whose ultimate goal is to help you achieve academic success. Simply put, it assists with your studying. This assistance can take different forms, from furnishing skills on top of those you already have, through to addressing difficulties you have with your studies. The latter may involve - though certainly need not - looking at any 'personal matters' that affect your studying.

Menstar's Clients

Menstar is for any student - anybody who is studying something. Usually, the studying will, in some way, be formal. Often it will be connected with a course at a college or university, or it can be linked to one's job. Menstar can help, though, regardless of the formality of your studying.

Menstar's Contribution

Help received from Menstar can supplement that received from your place of study - or that from any other source. Also, help from Menstar can be in-lieu of assistance from elsewhere. In fact, many of my clients are unable to access other forms of help. And many would rather not use - for various reasons - assistance that's otherwise available.

You needn't face alone worries about studying

Help is here

Menstar's risk-free Promise

Services from Menstar that you're not satisfied with, for any reason, you do not pay for. Simple and cast-iron.