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Common Questions about Menstar's Tutoring & Counselling

    A relaxing, warm-looking book-lined study room - with rotating ceiling fan, and desk beside a window commanding a bright view of a green garden with a tree
  • What academic levels can you help with?
  • There are no limits. Just as I help students regardless of their subjects, so I help them regardless of the academic levels they are studying at. A relaxing, warm-looking book-lined study room - with rotating ceiling fan, and desk beside a window commanding a bright view of a green garden with a tree

  • I am not a 'typical student'; can you still help?
  • The range of learners I help is wide, from the hobbyist studying for something, to the more 'typical' college/university student, to holders of assorted occupations - such as nurses and paramedics who are taking in-service courses/exams. And regardless of the way in which you feel you are not a 'typical student', I will anyway assist in a personalised, understanding manner that is the best for your needs.

  • How much will it financially cost me?
  • A crucial question for you. I agonised over 'pricing' and whether to state it here. The truth is, I am flexible over the cost. Being students, my clients often aren't exactly wealthy. And you may be particularly cash-strapped, despite a crushing need for assistance. So I say, 'let's work something out'. For something a little more concrete, though, consider how much you would pay for private music-tuition, say. My charge is usually going to be around this. We'll work it out!

  • How do I pay?
  • Via Paypal, please. To help with communicating my sincerity and confidence over helping you, you only have to make the Paypal payment after a surgery. This is something of a gamble on my part. However, really it's only a token of the respect I have for my clients - for their initiative and 'gamble' over first contacting me.

  • For how long will Menstar be helping me?
  • The time-taken can vary greatly. Some clients' matters can be dealt with very quickly; those for other clients may demand quite some time. Be assured, I aim to be of service in the shortest possible time. You want your progress and success asap, and I want to be there for further students who need help.

  • At what times will you have sessions with me?
  • We will have to co-ordinate our diaries, though my emphasis is to accommodate you - given what is convenient for you.

  • Who else is involved?
  • Nobody. And all that is communicated between us is 100% confidential. You can tell me anything; it goes nowhere else, and will never be seen/heard by anybody else. Confidentiality is an integral component of my practice. If wished, you can be anonymous throughout, using other than your real name.

  • Do you audio-record our spoken communications? If so, can I have a copy of the recording?
  • I do not routinely electronically record communications in any way, though have done (audio) where felt helpful. I would never make recordings without first discussing doing so with you. And if you want recordings, I will happily make and furnish them. If you wish to record our communications, you're very welcome to.

  • Do I need special software to use Menstar?
  • Not other than such as Skype and WhatsApp. If you especially like particular communications software (say, Viber, for audio calls), then I'll try to use this too.

  • Can I cease having your help at any point?
  • Of course you can. You are under no commitment to me whatsoever.

  • You are UK based. Do you help students who live elsewhere?
  • Though many of my clients are from Britain, I do help students from anywhere. The limitation is that you can speak English; I apologise for this. Increasingly, I help students who originate from continental Europe; they necessarily enjoy 'incidental' practise with their English language skills, which is a pleasure. I find that the studying-concerns are universal, despite differences in academic programmes. I also find that my diverse clientèle makes me a better educator and counsellor. I anyway welcome you, wherever you live. Let's capitalise on the age of the internet, and get your studying flying!