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Study Skills

'Study skills' compromise the most commonly understood aspects of what I help with. This is because 'classic' matters like essay-writing and examination-preparation/conduct will always be students' bane, no matter the widespread incorporation of technology into college-work. I have a wealth of top-notch knowledge and experience to help you with these practicalities. You can - and should! - read-up on these independently. But the 'personal touch' of somebody long 'in the business' really is irreplaceable.

Skills Beyond Your Subject

I can help you with studying irrespective of what subjects you are learning. Your subject-matter is one component of your educational endeavour. The process of learning is another. Though the latter can be underemphasised, it is important. It is crucial, in fact. And you can be gainfully - very gainfully - be helped with it by other than an expert in the subject of what you are studying. With psychology being my own subject, however, I am able to help with this subject per se. I anyway draw on the very subject of 'the psychology of learning' to benefit you.

Quite wonderfully, study skills acquired will apply to all subjects you're studying - now and in the future. What you get from me, then, stands to benefit you over and over.


As crucial as study skills are, their absence is often not the presenting, pressing, problem. The immediate demon can be something causing some form or other of crisis. Typically, this will be due to a deadline for coursework or examinations; a deadline that's approaching all too fast; in fact, the horror of deadlines, plural. Imparts uneasiness just thinking about, them, eh? Relatedly, there's the very common (you could hardly believe how common) difficulty of starting (and/or finishing, to a lesser extent) required student-work.

These crises, like any, and by definition, are debilitating and create that classic vicious circle involving mounting pressure to begin/complete the task, yet increasing inability to do what's needed. I know, I truly know, what one's 'wall' is like, when up against it. I will get you through your wall. Well, we both will. We will get you through your studying crisis, and on the path of 'doing' again, so towards the task's accomplishment.

Personal Matters

One or more concerns not directly related to studying could be affecting your student-work. These may be 'lifestyle' matters, or ones more 'internal'. We can explore these and work-through them. That is, if you want to. I do not purposely look for such challenges. My principal aim is to help with your academic work, and to do so as efficiently and as quickly as possible. However, studying does not occur in a vacuum. It is a part of the totality of 'you'. Within that totality could be 'stuff' that you choose (I'm not going to otherwise elicit personal information from you) to tell me about that is impairing your college/university work. If you do, I can help.

You know the feeling!

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Turn to me if you need help

My Accessibility

All of my past and present clients have open-invitation to contact me. I remain their 'on-call mentor'. I try to reply to communications within two days' of their receipt. With an obviously urgent matter, I will get-back to you as soon as humanely possible. I thoroughly appreciate that 'emergencies' - those crises, though call the periods of panic or darkness what you will - arise with studying.

The Reason to Choose Menstar

There will be many first-class people offering services broadly similar to mine. What's my difference? It's not my superb qualifications to help you, or that I 'get (you) results'. Rather, it's simply that I appeal to the students that I do. To be helped with your studies in the manner here offered is, necessarily and by design, a personal thing. More conducive than it should be - but this cannot be helped as we're 'only human' - is that you like my 'style'. So if my tone DOES appeal in these web-pages, then that's a reason to choose Menstar.