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'Who' Menstar Is

Paul Northcott, Menstar owner, in home office

'Menstar' is me: Paul Northcott, based in Great Britain. Prior to this private educational work, I have taught/lectured in British Universities and Colleges, beginning 1991. I first practiced therapeutic psychology with private clients in 1996.

My Credentials

I possess a PhD in psychology (concerning psychotherapy), a BSc (Hons) in psychology (grade: first class), and a MSc in Computer Based Information Systems (grade: distinction).

I have been a graduate member of the 'British Psychological Society' and the 'British Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis'.

I am eligible to be a 'Chartered Psychologist' via the British Psychological Society.

My Studying and Learning Specialism

The very subjects of studying and learning have long-interested me. The interest began with a fantastic revelation: that I too could excel academically. My secondary/high school wasn't good; and so, neither were pupils' leaving grades. Plus, I hadn't been taught how to study. Yet upon 'learning how to learn', upon studying for my first degree, I discovered that I could do well - really well.

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The interest was later consolidated when I was a Visiting Lecturer (at the University of the West of England). I was fortunate enough to share an office with the institution's effective head of teaching and learning policies. I learnt an awful lot from him - about how to help others with learning. I was duly one of the first members of staff to study for and obtain a qualification - still too rarely seen - in Higher Education teaching and learning.

Why I Do This Work

One reason is obviously the interest in studying and learning, as subjects. And more broadly, I believe passionately both in education and in the enormous potential that every person has in him/her. Education is a key to realising this potential. To help people with their studying, therefore, is to help them with something magical.

Furthermore, I have personally experienced more than one rock on the road to academic successes. I know how tenuous a success's obtainment can be; a great achievement can so easily be unrealised. Yet I also know how comparatively easily some difficulties can be overcome - especially with appropriate help. So that help can be the 'make or break' of what one could notionally achieve. To be a provider of that help for people is a privilege, and immensely satisfying.